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X-TermiGreen Green Pest Control
How we provide your green pest control program.

Green pest control involves targeting pest problems with thoughtful and effective solutions. Once we pinpoint the source of the problem, we determine which low risk tactics will be most effective.

Inspections and audits.

Benefit from our hygiene, sanitation and maintenance audits.

As a first phase, service technicians provide detailed data reports that explain any concerns about your facility, including corrective actions to be taken, and additional recommendations. Based on the results of our initial inspection, we customize your service to meet the needs of your specific industry and facility.

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Caulking excludes pests.

Integrated pest management.

Our IPM approachactually breaks the cycle of pest breeding and re-infestation resulting in a healthy, pest free environment.

Our goal is to achieve the most effective pest control with the lowest amount of toxicity possible.

When chemical treatments are required, products with the least toxicity are selected and, if possible, directed into areas not contacted by humans or animals.

Eco-friendly methods for real peace of mind.

  • Pest exclusion methods
  • Elimination of harborage sites
  • Modify habitat moisture and temperature
  • Monitoring for movement and location of insect and rodent pests
  • Biological controls
    Use of natural repellents and insecticides
    Client communication and education

Inspection camera.

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